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team of diverse seniors haapy with Covenant Keepers BenefitsCovenant Keepers Benefits was founded in 2006, by Andrew Waller, who saw a need not being satisfied – addressing the unique requirements of seniors. Often, big agencies have blanket procedures for providing their services that make things run smoothly. However, each senior is a unique individual with unique circumstances. He or she requires detailed attention to understand those circumstances and ensure the correct blend of coverage(s) and plan(s) are provided. Moreover, seniors often have conditions of aging that make understanding harder and require a more patient and caring approach.

Andrew Waller has been caring for seniors since the mid-90s, when he was an investment representative for First Chicago Bank (now, Chase). Over 85% of all walk-in clients were seniors who needed guidance to maximize their investments for retirement. It was during this period that he realized the customized service required to cater to the special conditions of the elderly, and his heart grew tender.

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The Birth of Covenant Keepers Benefits

Andrew Waller: Founder of Covenant Keepers Benefits

In 1998, Andrew became a benefits consultant for Humana’s newly minted managed-care plan. After eight years and having worked with three different insurance/plan carriers, he understood that to provide the level of service he wanted to give, and be able to address their needs, he would have to become independent and cut the ties of corporate regulations and limitations; hence Covenant Keepers Benefits was born.

Today, Covenant Keepers Benefits has been serving the seniors of Illinois for 14 years and has expanded to Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. Andrew saw the opportunity to blend his services with ministry, fusing his relationships, education, experience, talents, faith and love for God and seniors into an offering that is holistic. This mission and vision drive the team of Covenant Keepers Benefits because they truly believe they are caring for those who cared for us.


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