Rev. Grenstad

Reverend Grenstad

I was introduced to the Andrew Waller by a really good friend of mine. She asked me to sit in on a group presentation he and his company provided where they discussed original Medicare,  supplemental benefits and  managed care plans. I am so grateful for that invitation. I learned so much about Medicare benefits and I tell all my friends about them.

5 stars review

Ronald Smith

Pastor Ronald Smith

I’ve known brother Andrew Waller for 20-plus years; a mighty man of God. I’ve recently asked him to become an advisor (benefits consultant) for our seniors’ ministry. We serve men and women aged 50 plus.

5 stars review

Clinton Hamer

Elder Clinton Hamer

I’ve known brother Andrew Waller for many years. He is a dedicated professional, trained and certified as a Medicare plans specialist.

5 stars review

Challis M Lowe

Challis M Lowe

I’ve known Andrew since his original birth date. He’s my little brother. Andrew was always attached to his grandparents. As a young adult, he became primary caretaker for our grandfather during his illness. More recently, Andrew became caregiver for our mother as well. I truly believe he finds joy in caring for our loved ones.

5 stars review

Mrs Onita Steen

Mrs. Onita Steen

I have known Andrew Waller for several years now. He was referred by my brother and next-door neighbor. They both continued to talk about their insurance agent who’s so proactive in helping them understand what they needed, before they needed it! I tell all the seniors I know how patient he is in helping me understand my Medicare benefits.

5 stars review

Mr Jeffrey Atkins with brother-and-his-wife, Mr and Mrs Eric Atkins

Mr. Jeffrey Atkins, brother and his wife Mr.& Mrs. Eric Atkins

I met Mr. Andrew Waller years ago when I was looking for a dental plan. Not only did he help me with my dental plan, Andrew truly explained my core Medicare benefits. He also helped me understand what additional benefits I was eligible for and how a wraparound plan could eliminate my cost sharing. I ended up saving hundreds-of-dollars. When my brother and sister-in-law turned 65, I called my Medicare specialist (we don’t call him our insurance agent, we consider him our friend).

5 stars review

DeWitt Grant

Mr. DeWitt Grant

I’ve known Andrew Waller for 8 years. He is my brother’s insurance agent, as well as 6 other of our friends and neighbors in our little village, here in the southern suburbs of Chicago. Andrew calls on our birthday’s and holidays and is definitely considered a friend of the family. He taught us everything we need to know about Medicare plans, final Expense and Life insurance.

5 stars review

Michael and Pamela Billingslea

Michael & Pamela Billingslea

We have known Andrew Waller for over 10 years. He was my mother’s trusted insurance agent and really helped tremendously in her time of need. Andrew became my a trusted advisor for my husband and I when we approached Medicare eligibility. He also helped us select the right final expense plan and life insurance. We referred him to all our friends.

5 stars review

Mr and Mr Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Hodges

Andrew Waller has truly been a blessing to me and my husband. For years, we tried plan after plan until brother Waller helped us understand our original Medicare benefits and which plans give us the most benefits with the least out-of-pocket costs. He also helped us enroll in LIS (extra-help), as well as QMB spend down, which pays our Medicare Part-B premiums. I don’t know what we’d do without him.

5 stars review

Richard Bower

Richard Bowers

I’ve known Andrew Waller for over 30 years we’ve watched him grow into an honorable man of integrity, a talented businessman and a true professional. He knows his product line inside and out. Highly recommend.

5 stars review

Mr John Lowe

Mr. John Lowe

I’ve known Andrew Waller for over 40 years. I’ve watched him grow and develop into a devoted man of God and a natural born steward over seniors. His knowledge of Medicare and love for seniors makes him my number one choice and hopefully yours as well.

5 stars review